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About Us

At Making the Grade Hawaii, we realize there is a need for parents to get some relief financially as well as with their time. With the cost of supplies rising each year, we would like to offer parents a way to save, and at the same time have their supply purchase benefit the school in which their child attends (we know schools need all the help they can get). Students need the appropriate supplies to be well equipped for their school year.

Every Keiki Kit is custom packed to meet the needs of your child's specific school and grade level. When purchasing a Keiki Kit, feel confident that you are getting the name brand supplies that you trust. This program benefits students, families, and schools.

Our vision is for all students to become successful lifelong learners.
Our mission, in partnership with local vendors and businesses, is to provide students with the necessary tools to reach their goals. We do this by saving families time and money, giving back to schools and communities through fundraising and supporting teachers with peace of mind.  


  • More family moments together
  • Quality products and cost efficiency
  • Meet teacher expectations
  • Give back to schools