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Q: Who can participate in the Keiki Kits Program?
A: All public, private, and charter schools on the island of Oahu can participate.
Q: What items are included in the Keiki Kits?
A: All supplies that are listed on your child's school supply list excluding backpacks, clothing items (aprons, change of clothes, slippers), towels, reusable electronics, and homemade items (wrapped milk/juice cartons, etc.), school specific logo items.
Q: Is there a deadline for Keiki Kit online ordering?
A: For 2020-21, orders are accepted until June 12, 2020 or while supplies last. If you click on your school's link and there are no products available, the ordering has ended for the school year.
Q: Why do I need specify gender during ordering?
A: Due to our commitment to social awareness, we wanted to inform you that our Keiki Kits will no longer ask for gender during the order process, unless a grade level specifically requests boys and girls to bring different items. In those cases only, there will be a choice so we may continue to differentiate those items. Therefore, any color may be used for items such as folders, rulers, scissors, etc., unless specified on the school's list.
Q: Why are paper towel rolls, napkins and facial tissues not included this year?
A: Due to customer feedback noting that paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues are readily available household items, they no longer will be included in our Keiki Kits.
Q: How and when will I receive my order?
A: Making the Grade Hawaii will deliver all purchased Keiki Kits directly to the schools who signed the School Program Agreement, one to two weeks prior to the first day of school. Your school will have the pick-up time/date on the Order Instructions Form.
Q: What is our policy on returns, damaged, and/or missing items?
A: For indivdial orders, only entire, unused, resalable Keiki Kits may be returned for a full refund. Any damaged or missing items will be replaced. Returns or replacements must be reported within one week of the first day of school.
Q: Do you carry generic or brand name school supplies?
A: We carry brand names like Crayola, Fiskars, Mead, Sharpie, Ziploc, Elmers, Clorox, just to name a few.
Q: Are school supplies labeled with my child's name?
A: No, unfortunately we do not label your child's name on the supplies.
Q: Are there minimum orders for schools?
A: No, there are no minimum order for schools. Schools will receive fundraising benefits for even one Keiki Kit order. So, there is nothing to lose!
Q: Do you sharpen pencils?
A: Unfortunately, we do not sharpen pencils (for liability purposes).
Please feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions that you may still have. We will continue to add any FAQs that are received each year to help families and schools make informed decisions.
School supply lists are provided directly by the school. Substitutions of unavailable items will be made only with prior approval from schools. Keiki Kits will include all supplies limited to what is named and listed on the school supply list. There are occasions the brand may be different from those listed on the packing slip if unavailable. Any exclusions will be stated on Order Instruction/Purchase Forms and within the product descriptions on the website. Making the Grade Hawaii, LLC will not be held responsible for any discrepancies or changes made after the ordering begins.

All information on the website is subject to change without notification.